2024 Best Free Trading Online Strategy Courses and Mentorships

The 2024 lineup of free trading online strategy courses and mentorships offers a diverse range of learning opportunities for traders at all levels. From the real-time trading strategies presented in the “2023 ICT Live Trade Executions” course to the foundational “2024 Trading for Beginners,” these courses cater to a broad spectrum of needs.

For those interested in the psychological aspects, “Mark Douglas Stock Trading Psychology Seminar” provides invaluable insights. Advanced traders can delve deep into specific strategies and concepts with courses like “2024 ICT Charter Content” and “ICT Forex Precision Trading Concepts Series.” Seasonal Tendencies and the use of tools like TradingView are also covered, providing a comprehensive educational resource for anyone looking to enhance their trading skills.

Course Title Provider Description
2023 ICT Live Trade Executions Inner Circle Trader Real-time trading strategies with live execution examples, perfect for intermediate traders.
2024 ICT Charter Content Inner Circle Trader Comprehensive Smart Money Strategy Concepts, ideal for advanced traders seeking deep knowledge.
2024 Trading for Beginners Trading A complete beginner’s guide covering all the fundamentals of trading.
Mark Douglas Stock Trading Psychology Seminar Trading psychology Focuses on the mental aspects of trading, teaching how to think like a professional trader.
2016-2017 ICT Private Mentorship Core Content Inner Circle Trader A detailed 12-month mentorship program for advanced traders, offering in-depth trading strategies.
Seasonal Tendencies Charts Seasonal Tendencies A guide to understanding and applying Seasonal Tendency charts in trading strategies.
2023 ICT Mentorship Forex Course Inner Circle Trader A Forex-focused mentorship course covering various advanced trading strategies.
ICT Forex Precision Trading Concepts Series Inner Circle Trader A series dedicated to precise Forex trading concepts, suitable for intermediate traders.
ICT Mastering High Probability Scalping Trades Inner Circle Trader A course on mastering high probability scalping techniques in Forex trading.
2016 ICT Forex Market Maker Primer Inner Circle Trader An introductory course on Forex market making, comprising 24 informative videos.
Technical Analysis Video Course Technical Analysis A comprehensive course on technical analysis, suitable for beginners to advanced traders.
Michael S. Jenkins Free Trading Course Trading Offers insights into Jenkins’ unique trading methods and strategies.
ICT OTE Pattern Recognition Series Inner Circle Trader Focuses on Optimal Trade Entry pattern recognition, an intermediate-level course.
Mark Douglas Psychology and Trading Course Trading Delves into the psychological aspects of trading and the mindset of successful traders.
ICT Forex Market Maker Series Inner Circle Trader A detailed course on Forex market making strategies for intermediate traders.
ICT Pattern Recognition – OTE Series Inner Circle Trader An advanced course on pattern recognition in trading, focusing on Optimal Trade Entry.
2024 ICT Mentorship Forex Strategy Course Inner Circle Trader A comprehensive mentorship course for 2024, focusing on Forex trading strategies.
ICT Silver Bullet Strategy Inner Circle Trader Teaches the ICT Silver Bullet strategy for time-based trading.
Mastering ICT IPDA with Tradingview Inner Circle Trader A course on mastering the Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm with Tradingview indicators.
US-Dollar Index – Seasonal Tendencies Seasonal Tendencies Analysis of the US-Dollar Index and its seasonal trends over the past 50 years.
TradingView Tutorial 2023 Trading A beginner’s guide to using TradingView, with step-by-step instructions.
2022 ICT Mentorship Concepts Inner Circle Trader Covers the key concepts of trading strategy from the 2022 ICT mentorship series.


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